Who is Ali Hassan?


Born in Baghdad in 1967 the musician Ali Hassan connected with the Oud and lived with it since he was young.

He is considered one of the most impressive Oud players in the Arab World, which won him the respect of the scientific and academic bodies for being a serious and sincere musician.

Ali Hassan obtained a diploma from the Art Institute of High Studies in Baghdad in 1991, and Bachelor of Science from the Faculty of Music of Fine Arts, Baghdad University in 1997.

After Iraq he performed in many world music festivals, and visited many Arabic and European countries, presenting the secrets of the Iraqi and Arabic music.

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31/05/2009 22:00

Online Oud Concert حفلات عود

Mark the above date as you are invited to an online Oud concert. The concert will be hosted here at...

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04/05/2009 16:00

The Doors Will Open Again

The doors to the website learnoud.com will open again soon. If you are not on the waiting list , go...

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